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Partners. “Assuming responsibility together”

HUGO BOSS pays particular attention to social standards and environmental protection in its partners’ sustainability management activities. Observance of human rights and environmental standards is of central importance to the Group.

It is committed to observing the HUGO BOSS social standards and imposes the same obligation on its suppliers, incorporating it as a fixed part of their contracts. These standards are based on, among other things, the internationally acknowledged core labor standards defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The social standards are included in the contracts signed with partners, under which suppliers undertake to comply with local laws and observe the prohibition of child labor and forced labor, maximum working hours, humane working conditions, prohibition of discrimination, payment of fair wages, healthy and safe working conditions, freedom of association, collective wage bargaining and responsible care for the environment. The HUGO BOSS social standards constitute the minimum requirements in countries in which there are gaps in local legislation, for example with regard to working hours and wages.

In 2015, HUGO BOSS commenced activities under its membership of the Fair Labour Association (FLA) to ensure compliance with good and safe working and social conditions by partner companies and to enhance internal and external transparency. These activities make it possible, in cooperation with other companies and NGOs, to learn from best practices and work towards improving working conditions in supplier countries. Furthermore, the FLA has initiated projects to further improve the spread of fair compensation, in which HUGO BOSS is participating.

In 2015, HUGO BOSS joined the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (“Textiles Partnership”) initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. It is working on addressing joint challenges in cooperative projects, harnessing synergies and improving underlying conditions in the producer countries with the aid of policymakers.

In addition to its participation in external initiatives, the Group is implementing its own social-compliance-program. Suppliers of raw materials and merchandise as well as contract producers generating a relevant volume of sales with HUGO BOSS are regularly audited to ensure that they comply with the Company’s social standards. Audits conducted by its own team of experts as well as in conjunction with external service partners support suppliers in achieving internationally approved social and environmental standards. In principle, however, HUGO BOSS places emphasis on mutually defined and continuous improvement measures in order to enable long-term partnerships.

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