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The passion for fashion, the creativity and the skill set required to develop innovative technologies, processes and services demonstrated by the almost 14,000 employees working for the HUGO BOSS Group around the world are reflected in unique products and shopping experiences. This means that the employees make a decisive contribution to the success of the Company as a whole. For this reason, the Group positions itself as an attractive employer both for existing employees and for potential new ones. The main task of human resources management at HUGO BOSS is to attract employees, to develop them individually in an international context and to create a working environment which fosters initiative-taking, team spirit and the motivation to perform well. The HUGO BOSS corporate values of quality, passion, respect, cooperation and innovation set the framework.

Human resources work aligned with mission statement

The core task of global human resources management at HUGO BOSS is to create the environment and oversee the processes that permit employees to act goal-oriented and responsibly in accordance with the Company’s mission statement – “HUGO BOSS inspires people towards success”. This mission statement acts as a guide for employees in their daily work, which is oriented towards joint achievement of the Group’s goals. The five corporate values – quality, passion, respect, cooperation and innovation – form the principles underlying daily working relationships and reflect the culture lived in the Company. Numerous initiatives in human resources management help employees to translate the mission statement into concrete action. For example, additional functions have enhanced the communications platform established in 2014 for sharing innovative ideas about employees’ daily routines. Once again, awards were given in recognition of the best ideas submitted last year. Some of these ideas have already been fully implemented. One of the award-winning ideas entailed a reduction in the volume of waste in T-shirt packaging and received the “HUGO BOSS Sustainability Award 2015”. Sustainability

Employee satisfaction an important goal of human resources management

The employees play a crucial role in the achievement of the Company’s goals. Accordingly, human resources management at HUGO BOSS seeks to create an environment that ensures that all employees can make the best possible contribution and develop their potential to the full. To enable this, it is very important to the Company to find out how individual employees view their employer, their working conditions and the duties assigned to them. With this in mind, an anonymous survey among employees at HUGO BOSS AG was conducted for the first time in 2014. The participation rate was 70% and with an overall score of 80%, satisfaction reachd a high level. Last year, workshops were held with all employees and executives to develop action plans aimed at further increasing employee satisfaction; individual measures have already been implemented. In this context, for instance, HUGO BOSS also overhauled its leadership principles. Group-wide workshops were held to ensure that these principles would be implemented in the daily routine. Based on the five defined corporate values, they will enable a uniform Group-wide culture for people management and development.

Branding activities enhance the Group’s attractiveness as an employer

The personnel marketing activities with which HUGO BOSS positions itself as an attractive employer in the job market were continued and enhanced last year. Both the jobs website and the applicant management system were optimized with additional functions, a more intuitive user interface and a stronger international outlook: the HUGO BOSS jobs website now features ten languages, while 23 countries in total are linked to the applicant management system. At the same time, HUGO BOSS is making greater use of social networks to reach out to potential employees. As a result, the Group has been able to further optimize target-group-specific communications and substantially widen the circle of potential new recruits reached.

Human resources work supports strategic focus on Group’s own retail business

Last year, human resources management again helped to align employee structures with the Group’s strategic orientation towards its own retail business. Further work on the content of the Group-wide manual for human resources management in the Group’s own retail business additionally optimized processes for employee recruitment, development and motivation last year. As well as this, the Group stepped up the use of a human resources planning system at its own stores last year. Implementing the system results in a substantial improvement in organizational processes, and by means of a frequency-driven deployment system ensures that the ideal number of employees is available on the shop floor at any given time to maximize the quality of customer service.

In order to offer them clear prospects for their personal and professional development, a specialist career path was developed for the employees in the Group’s own retail business and implemented at the first subsidiaries in 2015. Similarly to the specialist career path available for employees in the Group’s corporate functions, it contains defined development steps within the Group’s own retail business that will allow employees to specialize. This gives them an attractive alternative to a career in management, while retaining the employees within the Group’s own retail business for even longer.

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