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Group strategy

Group Strategy (Photo)

HUGO BOSS has set itself the goals of continued growth and further enhancement of its enterprise value. The basis for this is the Group’s core competence – the development and marketing of high-quality apparel as well as shoes and accessories in the premium and luxury segment. All Group brands are characterized by a unique combination of high-quality craftsmanship and design precision. The Group’s strategy focuses on elevating the BOSS core brand, expanding its market position in womenswear, developing its own retail business with the aim of integrating its bricks-and-mortar stores more closely with its online activities, and achieving global growth. Activities in all four fields of growth are underpinned by the ongoing digitization of the Group´s business model as well as the maximization of operating strength.

Growth strategy based on four pillars

HUGO BOSS has identified four main levers for achieving profitable growth. The BOSS core brand is to be elevated by means of product, distribution and communication measures. The brand strength acquired in menswear is to be leveraged to a greater extent than before in womenswear, including shoes and accessories. The expansion of omnichannel offerings will spur continued growth in the Group’s own retail business, online and particularly also offline. Finally, the Group is seeking more of a regional balance than before. The implementation of the various growth initiatives is supported by the ongoing digitization of the Group´s business model. This is being reflected in the fast-growing significance of digital brand communication and transaction offerings. In addition, the Group’s operational strength, particularly related to supply chain management, the product development process and the IT and logistics infrastructure, will provide an important competitive edge.

HUGO BOSS growth strategy 2020

HUGO BOSS growth strategy 2020 (graphics)

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