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Supporting work-life balance through family support policies, flexible working hours, good nutrition and sport

Work-life balance (Foto)

HUGO BOSS attaches great importance to helping its employees find a healthy work-life balance. An extensive support program is available for young families. To make working hours more flexible, the conditions for a home office program were put in place last year. The program will be available to HUGO BOSS AG employees from 2016 onwards. Moreover, employees are able to take part in a wide range of different sporting activities including using the Group’s own gym. Nutritionists, balanced menus at the campus restaurant and the annual Health Day also contribute to personal well-being and help improve each individual employee’s performance capabilities. Sustainability

HUGO BOSS taking the health and safety of its employees seriously

In order to ensure its employees’ safety at the workplace, HUGO BOSS has set itself the goal of defining a Group-wide health and safety standard. A permanent feature of health and safety management is that employees’ workplaces and corporate processes are regularly examined and evaluated for potential risk and modified if necessary. Employees of HUGO BOSS AG also already attend regular training courses on occupational safety. A global health and safety standard was defined for the Group’s own retail business last year, with employees in individual markets being given online training in the relevant subject matter. This training is to be rolled out across the Group’s entire own retail business in 2016.

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