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Environment. “Conserving natural resources”

Environmental protection is given high priority at HUGO BOSS. The purpose of environmental management is to continuously reduce the Group’s environmental footprint along the entire value chain – from the sourcing of raw materials and the development and manufacture of products through transportation, retail and marketing.

In this way, the Group pursues the long-term objectives of minimizing the effects of climate change, making sparing use of natural resources by means of intelligent systems and environmentally friendly technologies and contributing to the preservation of biological diversity. In this context, HUGO BOSS is pursuing the goal of reducing its specific CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse Gas Protocol) in relation to sales by 30% by 2020, in comparison with 2010. The action package also includes the use of renewable sources of energy and numerous initiatives for improving energy efficiency.

Additional measures aim at achieving further cuts in the CO2 emissions generated in the logistics and distribution processes (Scope 3). Moreover, HUGO BOSS has set itself the goal of implementing continuous improvements in building efficiency and is seeking acknowledged sustainability certification for its own new buildings.

In 2015, HUGO BOSS published an environmental guideline describing in detail the principles of environmental management in all relevant functions. Further detailed information can also be found in our annual sustainability reports and on the Group website.

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